Shutter Thunder Showreel 2022

Featuring my body of work from 2019 to 2021
Hang Lucy - Foggy Stomp
Real Estate Ads
Virtual Rogues
Black & Blue Featurette

Guiltless Trailer

Feature film

In the last weekend of the summer, Teen-Queen Samantha is planning a romantic night for her highschool sweetheart. When an intruder breaks into her home with a dark revelation, her night spirals into revenge-fueled chaos in this coming-of-age thriller.

Written/Directed by Kevin Schultz

Director of Photography and Edited by James Clark

'Burst Creative Group' Brand Video

Burst Creative Group is a Digital Agency in Vancouver, focusing on Design, Development, Communication and Team Work. Presenting strong brand identity and engaging web presence for companies.

Shutter Thunder worked with Burst to develop the narrative, shoot and edit a brand video for use on their website.

Scene Editing Demo Reel

Editing demo reel featuring:

Guiltless Feature 2021: Director of Photography/Editor
Henchmen Web Series 2020: Director of Photography/Editor

'Foggy Stomp' Music Video

The first music video completed for the Vancouver Based indie band Hang Lucy. With influence's from the White Stripes 7 Nation army video and other 90's/retro style clips.

We felt it complemented the song in tone and style. The band was extremely happy with the results as we delivered above what was pitched.

DOA 'Time to Fight Back' (unofficial) Music Video

This is the unofficial version of the music video Fight back by DOA. A story driven narrative interwoven throughout shots of the band playing in a messy office/studio.

'New Earth Calling' Music Video

A music video produced for Wouter Kellerman and Ricky Kej from the Grammy® winning album 'Winds of Samsara'.

We were given the task of editing the footage shot against green screen.

'Subject 17' Short Film

Subject 17, a young scientist is abducted by aliens in search of humanities secrets, she fights them on every level only to become their greatest spy. Sent back to earth with no memory, Jane has to understand what happened to her before it’s too late.

A short film produced from the ground up by Shutter Thunder, script, pre-production, post-production to final product.

'Sue' Short Film

Sue is a short drama produced by Darby Steeves. As a non-profit, proof of concept film, based on events as seen in DC's Justice League: Identity Crisis (2004).

James was Director of Photography, editor, and provided colour correction on the film.

Shutter Thunder Motion Graphics Reel

A Collection of motion graphic logo's, intro's, title sequences, animations produced by Shutter Thunder.

Black & Blue Featurette

Black and Blue TV series behind the scenes video starring Jesse Hutch and Don McLeod.

We can create your short film from pre-production to post. Our team can handle your project, we have the expertise to deliver.

Music video's to meet any budget. Whether you're a fresh artist or established we can create a music video from concept to delivery.

If you've got a story that needs to be documented or want to convey someone's story in a documentary style. Our team can do it.



If you've got a concept but not sure how to write a script, one of our script writers can work with you or develop a script for you.


We have access to UBCP Casting talent and we have professional Assistant Directors that will take care of the process of casting and scheduling.


Story Boarding, Production meetings, location management our team knows how to do it all.


Our team is professional, on time and we clean up and restore any locations filmed at better than they were before.

Post Production

We take care of all the file management, backup and storage to then develop and edit the content in a timely manner. We use that latest platforms so you can have some input into the process if needed.


We can deliver the final product in any number of formats and platforms.


We're open to any creative format, get in touch with us to discuss your next project.

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